CCD Adapters

 Product Description Model Number
 18mm Kietel Adapter CCD EX   TET0018 
 TCA0200 Mamiya 645 Camera Adapter   TCA0200 
 TCD0001 Wide Mount T-Thread to T-Thread Adapter   TCD0001 
 TCD0002 72mm Feldstein Adapter   TCD0002 
 TCD0003 SCT To Flange Adapter For CN-212/M-210/250 Wu Adapter   TCD0003 
 TCD0004 "Wu" Adapter   TCD0004 
 TCD0005 Takahashi Morris adapter for CN-212   TCD0005 
 TCD0006 72mm To External SCT Thread And Internal T-Thread [Feld   TCD0006 
 TCD0007 72mm External SCT Thread And Internal Extender-Q Thread   TCD0007 
 TCD0008 Feldstein #4 Adapter 72mm To External Male T-Thread Ada   TCD0008 
 TCD0009 9mm Male T-Thread Adapter   TCD0009 
 TCD0010 CN/Mewlon Flange To NGF-S Coupling   TCD0010 
 TCD0011 Brewer Adapter 72mm To NGF-S Flange   TCD0011 
 TCD0012 13.7mm Wide Mount To Male T-Thread   TCD0012 
 TCD0012L 25mm Spacer Wide Mount to Male T-Thread   TCD0012L 
 TCD0012STL 18.7mm Spacer Wide Mount To STL Thread   TCD0012STL 
 TCD0013 13mm Female To Male T-Thread Spacer   TCD0013 
 TCD0014 55.9mm Female To Male T-Thread Adapter   TCD0014 
 TCD0015 55.9mm Female To SCT Male Thread Adapter   TCD0015 
 TCD0016 Feldstein #5 72mm To Short SCT   TCD0016 
 TCD0017 Feldstein #6 72mm To Male STL Thread Adapter   TCD0017 
 TCD0018 29.7mm Spacer x 55.9mm x .75 Female To Male STL thread   TCD0018 
 TCD0018L 41.2mm Spacer x 55.9mm x .75 To Male T-Thread Adapter   TCD0018L 
 TCD0018STL 34.7mm Spacer x 55.9mm x .75 to male T-Thread adapter   TCD0018STL 
 TCD0021 TOA-R 36.2mm Spacer   TCD0021 
 TCD0021L 47.68mm x 72mm Male To Female Adapter   TCD0021L 
 TCD0022 Male To Female Adapter   TCD0022 
 TCD0023 Takahashi SBIG ST to FC-60C Reducer or Flattener   TCD0023 
 TCD0024 FSQ to Cassegrain Ring   TCD0024 
 TCD0025 Takahashi SBIG/FS-60C Reducer Flattener   TCD0025 
 TCD0075 CCD Adapter for Starlight Express and Filter Wheel   TCD0075 
 TCD0327 32.7mm Wide Mount to Male T-thread Adapter   TCD0327 
 TCD0975 9.75mm E-160 CCD   TCD0975 
Takahashi Camera Adapter Kietel  TET0018