Product Description Model Number
 1 1/4" Compression Ring Adapter   TOA0200 
 1 1/4" Diagonal   TFP0090 
 1 1/4" Metal Ocular Plug   TLA0001 
 2 "Extra Long Extension Tube   TET0002L 
 42mm Vari-Tube Extension for Vari-Extender   TVE0100 
 72mm Threaded Extension   TKA2350 
 95mm UV-Haze Filter   TFT0095 
 Camera Angle Adjuster with 360 Degree Rotator   TFP1100 
 Collimating Eyepiece for Newtonians & Cassegrains   TCE0020 
 Collimating Tube   TCE0030 
 Collimating Telescope   TCE0100 
 CN-212 Morris adapter   TCD0005
 EM-11/200 Tri-pod adapter   TTA10200 
 FC-60C to SBIG ST Reducer or Flattener  TCD0023
 FS-102 2" Compression Ring Ocular Adapter  TOA0400
 FS-102/128 2" Ocular Adapter  TOA0300 
FS-102,128,152,TOA, and TSA 35mm Wide Mount   TCA1030 
 FS-128 Temba Case  TTC0128 
 FS-60C F/6.1 Flattener   TFL0060 
 FS-60C SBIG Reducer Flattener  TCD0025
 FS-60, FS-60C, FS-78 Camera Angle Adjuster  TFP7100 
 FS-78 2" Ocular Adapter   TOA0040 
 FSQ 2" Barrel Diagonal   TSD0002 
 FSQ Adapter for Takahashi Diagonal   TDR0200 
 FSQ-106 Multi-Adapter  TPQ1061 
 FSQ-106 Visual Adapter   TPQ1062 
 FSQ-106ED Camera Angle A Reducer Coupling  TRDC0106 
 FSQ-106ED Camera Angle Adjuster   TFP1106 
 FSQ-106ED Prime Focus Ring   TKA3620 
 FSQ-106ED Reducer   TSQ0106RD 
 FSQ-106N, Sky-90 and FS-60C Extender-Q   TEQ0001 
 FSQ-85, TSA & TOA 1.5x Extender ED   TEXDX0001 
 Mewelon 2" Compression Ring Adapter   TOA0080 
 Mewlon Corrector, Flattener & Reducer   TMC1800 
 New Q Extender QE 1.6x   TSQ0106QE 
 Sky-90 2" Adapter for Short Version   TOA0401 
 Sky-90 2" Compression Ring Adapter   TOA0060 
 Sky-90 f/4.5 Reducer   TFP0900 
 Sky-90 Camera Adapter   TCA1020 
 Sky-90 DT Tube Photo Spacer   TKP0950 
 Sky-90/Q Reducer to FW8 and STL Camera  TCD0018S
 TCA-4 Eyepiece Projection Device 1.25" or .965   TFP0310 
 TOA-130 Flattener for Model F  TOA130FF 
 TOA-130 Reducer for N & F Models  TOA130R 
 TOA-130 25mm Spacer Ring for 67 Flattner   TAR0130 
 TOA-150 17mm Spacer Ring   TAR0150 
 TOA & FS 2" 35mm Camera Adapter   TCA1050 
 TOA Extender 1.6x   TOA130EX 
 TOA-130N Flattener   TOA130FN 
 TOA-150F Flattener   TOA150FF 
 TOA-130F Super Reducer   TOASD130F 
 TOA-150 Super Reducer   TOASD150 
 TOA-130F Multi-Adapter Coupling TW   TPQ1063 
 Tri-pod Adapter   TSH6010