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The New FSQ-130ED

The new Takahashi FSQ-130ED incorporates optics that use an exceptionally advanced design that produces a flat-field astrograph a with large highly illuminated field that is further enhanced with the new dedicated 645 reducer that produces a Ø70mm image circle at f/3.5.

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Takahashi Advanced Temma Hand Controller

Now Taking Orders!

Introducing a new hand controller designed for Takahashi Temma Mounts by AstroSolutions LLC.

Each controller is custom made, and comes with a 3 year warranty for $995

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Takahashi Seisakusho of Tokyo, Japan has been producing fluorite apochromatic refracting telescopes since they introduced the 90mm f/10 FC-90 in 1979. This revolutionized amateur astronomy as the world's first fluorite apochromatic telescope in regular production. Since that time Takahashi has not only produced fluorite apochromats up to 250mm but also mountings and a variety of state-of-the-art telescopes such as the four-element FSQ-106, Hyperbolic Astrographs, Newtonian-Cassegrains and Dall-Kirkham Cassegrains.

Takahashi produces polar equatorial mounts from the ultra-compact Teegul Sky Patrol 2 to the 350lb. capacity, 2.5 arc-second accurate EM-3500 observatory mount. Additionally, Takahashi manufactures two small, compact alt-azimuth mountings with fine slow-motion controls for those who prefer the simplicity of this design for terrestrial and astronomical applications. All Takahashi metal castings are sand cast from their own factory located near their Urii, Japan fabrication facility.

While better known in the United States for their amateur and small observatory instruments, Takahashi supplies complete systems for the professional community including the construction of public observatories such as the Goma Observatory. Takahashi is currently building a 1.5-meter telescope for a public observatory in Japan. Many professional instruments throughout the world use Takahashi's legendary focusers.

Takahashi also manufactures a complete line of 1 ¼” LE oculars as well as the incomparable LE-50 2” ocular. They produce a wide range of camera adapters for digital SLR’s, small, medium and large format CCD cameras to work with their instruments. Takahashi will continue to provide optical and mechanical excellence with innovative and superior designs.

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