Frequently Asked Questions

1.) What types of telescopes does Takahashi make?

In addition to their line of fluorite apochromatic refractors, Takahashi manufactures superb reflecting telescopes for institutions and amateurs who want instruments of higher quality with hand-made optics. These include the Mewlon series of Dall-Kirkham Cassegrains, the CN-212 Classical Cassegrain-Newtonian, the MT series Newtonian Telescopes, the BRC-250 Baker Ritchey-Chretien astrograph, and the Epsilon series of hyperbolic astrographs.

2.) Why should I purchase a Takahashi when other manufacturers offer larger aperture instruments at a much lower price?

The answer is simple: Quality! Takahashi instruments are made by hand to extremely tight tolerances. Only the finest components are used and there is a full five-year warranty on all mechanical and optical assemblies.

3.) Who makes the best apochromatic refractors?

This question is subjective. There are many quality refractors out there: Tele-Vue, Astro-Physics, Carl Zeiss (Jena), Pentax, BORG, Thomas Back Telescopes, etc. Each of these manufacturers has its adherents. We believe that Takahashi makes many of the finest apochromatic refractors available today. Different observers have different applications for their telescopes. While one specific instrument may be better for a certain application, another will be better suited to a different task. Takahashi is currently the only regular manufacturer of fluorite apochromatic refractors above 4" in diameter. Most optical experts will agree that fluorite is the premier material for low dispersion lens elements if price is not a consideration. One can read the article "The Fluorite Advantage" for a further analysis of this subject. Because Takahashi continues to use fluorite while other manufacturers use ED (Extra-low Dispersion) glass, Takahashis generally have an edge in overall brightness and contrast for visual observations when compared with similar size instruments from other manufacturers.

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