The following companies are authorized Takahashi dealers in the United States and Canada. Takahashi provides full warranty service and support through Texas Nautical Repair, Inc. on all of its products purchased new through these dealers. Any Takahashi products purchased through a dealer or individual other than Texas Nautical Repair, Inc. / Land, Sea & Sky Unlimited or these authorized dealers will be considered gray market and will not be warranted through Texas Nautical Repair, Inc.

To maintain a quality performance level expected of Takahashi products, we ship all optical tube assemblies via air freight to our dealers and customers. Because shipping rates have increased and while service quality among shippers has decreased, WE ENCOURAGE CUSTOMERS TO REQUEST AIR SHIPPING OF THESE INSTRUMENTS FROM THEIR DEALER. The additional price for this service is not substantial and will help ensure that your Takahashi equipment will perform to its designed specifications.

Dealer List - download Word document