Takahashi has just introduced the new TAK-UW ultra wide, flat field eyepieces. This original design series produces a flat field and a 90° apparent field view with pin point stars across the field.

These eyepieces were designed to be used with the flat field FSQ’s, Corrected Mewlons, Mewlons with MCR correctors. FS-60Q’s and TOA’s with flatteners and other flat field telescopes. These aplanatic eyepieces are free of coma and spherical aberration.

They are available in four focal lengths: 3.3, 5.7, 7 and 10mm to offer a wide range of magnifications with the same ultra wide flat 90° field.

This new design has 12mm of eye relief and an extendable eyecup for maximum shielding from stray light. All internal surfaces are painted with optical flat black paint to insure greatest possible contrast
and to prevent ghost images.

Viewing with glasses is only necessary if there is astigmatism present in the observer’s vision. Otherwise, the observer can observe without glasses and enjoy the ultra wide field of view.


Name Focal Length Size Weight Stock #
TAK-3.3UW 3.3mm ø60mm x 140mm 16.5oz TEA0033
TAK-5.7UW 5.7mm ø60mm x 130mm 15.8oz TEA0057
TAK-7UW 7.0mm ø60mm x 120mm 15.1oz TEA0007
TAK-10UW 10mm ø60mm x 115mm 14.8oz TEA0100