The TOA-130 by Takahashi

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The newest Takahashi refractor, the triplet TOA-130, is the first of the new Ortho-Apochromat Series.

This 21st century innovation employs a newly designed triplet using special elements to produce the highest order of color correction, hence the name Ortho-Apochromat and is packaged in a short 32° tube with the lens shade retracted.

This instrument will be offered with the classic 2.7° focuser. For those wanting to use a medium format camera, we will offer a deluxe 4° focuser with built-in camera angle adjuster. This focuser, coupled with the dedicated flattener, will produce a fully illuminated 70mm circle with a usable 92mm diameter.

The high order of color correction of the Ortho-Apochromat Series produces images with saturated color and thanks to the numerous knife-edged baffles, an image with amazing contrast.

The TOA-130 is perfect for visual, CCD and photo imaging. The f/7.7 focal ratio with a 1000mm focal length is long enough, using the LE-ED 2.8mm Takahashi ocular, for high magnification observations of the Moon and planets and yet will produce a 2.5° field at 20x when used with the Takahashi flat field LE-50 2° ocular.

Ample back focus, over 200mm from the rear cell, has been designed in to permit the user to use a variety of CCD cameras, color filter wheels and electronic focusers or film cameras.

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Product Numbers:
- TSA0130 - TOA-130NS with 2.7in. focuser
- TSA0131 - TOA-130NFB with 4in. focuser

SPECIFICATIONS for the TOA-130 (Tube assembly only) - TOA-130NS with 2.7in. focuser*

Aperture 130mm
Focal Length 1000mm / 754mm w/ reducer
Focal Length w/ flattener 999mm
Focal Ratio F/7.7 / F/5.8 w/ reducer
Focal Ratio w/ flattener F/7.68
Image circle 92mm
Photographic field 5.3? / 3.8
Finder scope 7x50 6.3°
Backfocus from end of OTA 256mm +
Tube Diameter 155mm / 179 mm w/ dew shield
Tube Length 812mm w/ adapters removed
Diameter of dew shield 179mm
Dew shield Retractable
Tube Weight 10kg (22lbs)

*Also available with a 4in. focuser on the TOA-130NFB