Takahashi TOA-35 0.7x Reducer new!

Takahashi has designed a high performance TOA-35 reducer for the TOA-130, TOA-150 and TSA-102/120 with a magnification of 0.7x

The ideal design for a reducer is its ability to reduce the f-stop while flattening the field and controlling chromatic aberration. The TOA-35 0.7x reducer is configured with 4-elements in three groups and uses two low dispersion, high refractive index glass , while reducing the focal length by a factor of 30%.

The TOA-35 reducer produces 3-micron stars in the center of the field and 6-micron stars at the edge with a very flat field. There is also an improvement in the color correction when used with the TOA-130/150.

This high performance optical system produces images that will be flat, sharp and highly corrected for color. When used with the TSA Series the image is 8-microns in the center and 12-microns at the edge.

The TOA-35 Reducer is available in two models: the 130 model is designed to work with the TOA-130 and the 150 model is designed to work with the TOA-150, the TSA-120 and TSA-102. Each model is supplied as a set that includes the reducer and a wide mount Ø55mm adapter to attach the reducer to the camera that is used.

TOA-35 0.7x Specifications

Model Focal Length Image Circle CA Ring
TOA-130 698mm [f/5.4] Ø44mm 130
TOA-150 775mm [f/5.2] Ø44mm 150
TSA-102 575mm [f/5.6] Ø44mm 150
TSA-120 635mm [f/5.3] Ø44mm 150

Metal back distance:

TOA-130 version 71.5mm
TOA-150/TSA version 68.5mm

Stock #

TKA31580N TOA-35 Reducer for TOA-130N/NFB
[Includes 35 Reducer + Wide-mount camera mount]
TKA32580N TOA-35 Reducer for: TOA-150, TSA-102/120