The Takahashi Astronomer Fluorite APO 22x60


The Takahashi Fluorite APO 22x60 Binoculars set a new standard for high power binoculars. The fluorite objectives deliver pinpoint stars against a jet-black background. Contrast is outstanding allowing the observer to view delicate detail in nebulae and star clusters.

The extra large tripod adapter provides an extremely stable platform for the binoculars when they are mounted to a steady camera tripod. This adapter has a padded rest for the binoculars to sit upon when they are used.

Each pair is infinity corrected for maximum optical performance.

Product # TFB0226

SPECIFICATIONS for the Takahashi 22x60

Type: Individual Focus Porro Prism
Effective Aperture: 60mm Multi-coated
Magnification: 22x
Eye Relief: 18mm
Optical System: Fluorite APO, 4 element, 3-groups
Close Focus: 141 feet
Length: 345mm [13.5]
Width: 220mm
Weight: 4lbs 10oz
Interpuillary Adjustment 50mm<-->75mm
Internal Baffles 3
Standard Accessories Case, Case strap, Neck strap, and Tripod mount