The FCL-90 (Sky 90) by Takahashi©

This model from Takahashi is a truly portable design. The 90mm (3") f/5.6 fluorite doublet apochromatic optical system is of outstanding quality, with a focal length of 504mm. The optical tube assembly is only 13.8" long, weighing 7 pounds; small enough for an airline 'carry-on'. Not only is this instrument an excellent choice for astronomy, it can be used as a portable high-quality telescope for birding. The oversized focuser is supplied with adapters for 2" and 1.25" diagonals, and accepts the FS series photographic adapters.

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Product# TSK9001

SPECIFICATIONS for the Sky 90 (Tube assembly only)

Optical System Fluorite Apochromat Doublet
Aperture 90mm
Focal Length 500mm/408mm/800mm
Focal Ratio F/5.56 - F/4.5 - F/8.9
Light Grasp 165x
Resolution 1.30"
Limiting Magnitude 11.5
Image Circle 45mmŲ w/reducer
Photo Field 5.1° w/reducer
Tube Diameter 95mm
Tube Length 370mm
Weight 3.2kg (7lbs)
Finder Scope 6x30 8° or 7x50

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