The FSQ-85ED Baby "Q" by Takahashi



Introducing the FSQ-85ED, this is the newest and smallest member of the FSQ Series of flat field astrographs. Designed from the ground up for digital imaging, the Baby "Q" is the go anywhere portable astrograph. Easily airline transportable at 12.68" [322mm] collapsed. The "Q" will fit under an airline seat or fit easily into an overhead compartment for ultimate portability. Take it to Chile to image the Magellanic Clouds or to a remote site here is the US. It weighs less than 9 lbs., so a smaller high quality mounting will support it.

The optics are the same premium double ED Takahashi 4 element optical system as the FSQ-106ED and they produce the same flat-field color-free images. The image circle will allow medium format CCD or DSLR cameras to be used with the Baby "Q" to produce very high quality images of deep sky objects with a large field flat field.

The FSQ-85ED also features a newly designed focuser with built-in fine focuser, made for imaging with medium format CCD cameras. This 72mm focuser had been designed to handle CCD and digital SLR cameras with great rigidity.

Not only is the Baby "Q" a first rate astrograph, it has also been designed to be an excellent visual instrument. With over 200mm of back focus, it can accommodate any combination of diagonals or bino viewer. Color correction from the near UV to the near IR insures tight stellar images across the entire color range.

The FSQ-85ED is the perfect "go anywhere" imaging/visual astrograph.

Outstanding features:

- Premium double ED quadruplet
- Flat field w/60mmØ image circle
- Image circle will accept medium format CCD cameras or Digital SLRs
- Large heavy duty 72mmØ focuser carries medium format CCD camera
- Highly portable for worldwide or remote site uses; the light weight will allow smaller more portable mounts to be used with good effect
- Light weight flat-field astrograph
- High order of color correction produces outstanding images and extremely fine views
- Built-in camera rotator [camera angle adjuster] allows the camera to be rotated 360? without loss of critical focus and fine focuser for precise focus
- Designed from the beginning for digital imaging
- Uses a newly designed Extender-ED 1.5x to increase focal length for high power viewing

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Flat-Field Super Quadruplet Baby "Q"


Type Modified Petzval 4-element double ED flat-field design
Aperture 85mmØ
Focal Length 450mm
Focal Ratio [Prime Focus] f/5.3
Image Circle [Prime Focus] 60mmØ 5.6°
Usable Back Focus 200mm

With Reducer - QE .75x

Effective Focal Length w/reducer 328mm
Effective Focal Ratio w/reducer f/3.86
Image Circle 40mmØ
Image Field 7.0?
Metal Back Distance 72.2mm

Extender-ED 1.5x

Effective Focal Length 328mm
Effective focal Ratio f/8.0
Image Circle 44mmØ
Metal Back Distance 117.5mm
Length of Tube 322mm [12.68"] w/ lens shade collapsed
Focuser 80mmØ w/ 42mm draw w/ focuser built in
Tube Diameter 95mmØ
Total Weight 3.9kgs [8.58lbs]