The FSQ-106 New "Q" by Takahashi


FSQ-106 New “Q”
Flat-Field Super Quadruplet

The New “Q” is the redesigned successor to the very popular FSQ-106. This outstanding new design features the following:

- Generous back focus of 178mm allows the user to attach a variety of imaging packages, bino viewers, 2” diagonals and many other visual devices.
- The tube length of 16.7”allows the new “Q” to be highly airline transportable. Even when the lens shade is extended the total length is only 20.5”.
- The new ultra duty focuser with new camera angle adjuster/rotator will carry a 5kg. [11 lb] and be able to handle the new large chip CCD cameras. The 88mmø image circle produced by the new “Q”is 9.5°in diameter. The newly designed Takahashi micro edge focuser is included for precise focusing.
- The new optional reducer changes the focal ratio to f/3.6 for wide field imaging produces a 6.5°field and a 44mmø image circle.
- The redesigned modified quadruplet double ED Petzval optics has been optimized for imaging as well as visual applications.
- Color correction has been extended to 1000nm to produce non-bloated imaged stars.

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Product# FQK0106ED

Flat-Field Super Quadruplet FSQ-106 New “Q”


Optical System Double ED Modified Petzval Quadruplet
Effective Aperture 106mmø
Focal Length 530mm
Focal Ratio [Prime Focus] f/5.0
Image Circle [Prime Focus] 88mmø
Usable Back Focus 178mm


Effective Focal Length w/reducer 385mm
Effective Focal Ratio w/reducer f/3.6
Image Circle 44mmø
Metal Back Distance 72.2mm

Extender-Q 1.6x

Effective Focal Length 850mm
Effective focal Ratio f/8.0
Image Circle 44mmø
Metal Back Distance 117.5mm
Length of Main Tube Only 420mm [16.7”]
Length of Main Tube Lens Shade 520mm [20.5”]
Weight of Main Tube 6.8kgs. [15lbs.]
Finder Scope [Optional] 7x50 6.3°


Side-by-side comparison of the old FSQ and the New "Q"