FC-76DC Objective Unit by Takahashi

The FC-76DC objective unit has been designed to expand the capabilities of the FS-60CB and Q. This assembly allows the focuser unit of the FS-60 CB and Q to be attached FC-76DC objective unit. Using the objective unit allows the FS-60CB and Q owner to expand the capabilities of their scope to a larger objective at a fraction of the cost of a complete FC-76DC tube assembly.

Changing from the FS-60CB to the FS-76DC just takes a few minutes to convert the 60 to a 76 and back again.

The FC-76DC reducer and flattener can be used to make images of objects.

The FC-76DC is airline transportable and particularly suited for total solar eclipse imaging.

Stock number: TKA0176

M.A.P. $1425.00

SPECIFICATIONS for the FS-78 (Tube assembly only)

Objective diameter 76mm
Focal Length 570mm
Tube diameter 80mm
Tube Length 335mm [13.95"]
Weight 4 lbs.