Takahashi FC-35 Reducer new!

The FC-35 0.66x reducer was designed to be used with the FC-100DF to produce a 485mm focal length at f/4.9 which is a 34% reduction in the focal length. It produces a field flat to within 20 microns over a 35mm full frame.

This reducer is compatible with the following FC and FS Series telescopes: FC-100, FS-102, FC-125, FS-128 and FS-152. The FC-35 produces a 10% reduction in the focal length and a 1/3rd improvement to the RMS-Spot when compared to previous models.
The FC-35 has been designed for the digital imaging age. It is now available for most of Takahashi’s FC and FS refractors. All reducers are supplied with a dedicated CA ring.

FC-35 0.66x Reducer Specifications

Model Focal Length Image Circle CA Ring ** Metal Back *
FC-100DF 485mm [f/4.9] Ø44mm CA ring 100 78.1mm
FC-100 526mm [f/5.3] Ø44mm CA ring 100 78.1mm
FC-102 542mm [f/5.3] Ø44mm CA ring 100 78.1mm
FC-125 672mm [f/5.4] Ø44mm CA ring 130 70.3mm
FC-128 700mm [f/5.5] Ø44mm CA ring 130 70.3mm
FC-152 819mm [5.4] Ø44mm CA ring 130 70.3mm

** Supplied with each FC-35 *Metal back as measured from the flat rearmost shoulder of the FC-35