The Epsilon 180 by Takahashi


Takahashi has recently introduced to the market the Epsilon-180 f/2.8.

This first addition to the new Epsilon Series introduces the newly designed ED corrector and fast speed of f/2.8.

This fast field photo visual astrograph is perfect for the new mega pixel digital 35mm cameras and CCD cameras. The great speed will enable the imager to record faint nebulosity invisible in slower instruments.

The appreciably shorter exposure times reduce tracking error and will produce very small stars. The E-180 will produce 10 micron star across the entire flat field.

E-180 Hyperbolic Flat-Field Astrograph


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Product# TEK0180




SPECIFICATIONS for the E-180 (Tube assembly only)

Effective aperture 180mmØ
Primary mirror 190mmØ
Secondary mirror 80mmØ
Effective focal length 500mm
Effective focal ratio f/2.8
Image circle 44mmØ
Image across field 10 microns
Metal back distance 56mm
Diameter of main tube 232mmØ [9.13"]
Length of main tube 570mmØ [22.44"]
Weight of main tube 10kgs. [22lbs.]