The Bj-100iBF by Miyauchi

The Miyauchi Bj-100iBF is a highly portable 100mm fluorite apo binocular. The 45° angle allows the observer to view with ease. The fluorite objectives deliver a high contrast, sharp APO image of deep space objects.

Viewing is made easy by the use of long eye relief oculars that will deliver a 2.5° field of view. There are option 26x eyepieces that provide the same field of view a the 20x. If you are wanting even more magnification you can purchase the 37x eyepieces with a 1.8° field of view.

The Bj-100iBF binoculars deliver maximum performance in a small package for all of your wide field observing needs.

Product # MIA1017

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Optical System: Fluorite Apochromat 100mm, 5 element, 2-groups, F/5 Multi-coated F515
Body Construction: Duraluminum [Marine grade], Nitrogen Filled Anti-fog, 45° angle of view, 17.5" x 9.5" x 5.5", 5.8kg [12.8lbs]
Prisms: Proprietary Dach-type, Fully Multicoated
Standard Ocular: 20x -- 2.5°
Fork Mount [optional] Tripod Mountable
Case [optional] Waterproof/Airtight

Oculars for the Bj-100

Magnification Eye Relief
Field of View
Apparent Actual
20x 25mm 50° 2.5°
26x 19mm 66° 2.5°
37x 14mm 66° 1.9°