The BR141 by Miyauchi

The Miyauchi BR-141 is the largest fluorite APO binoculars in production today with interchangeable oculars. The large 141mm objectives will produce high contrast color-free images of deep sky objects. The standard 25x Erfle and option 33x and 45x oculars make the BR-141 a versatile deep space instrument. Integral retractable lens shades improve contrast.

The heavy-duty adjustable tripod and fork mount allow the observer to site comfortably for hours. A 7x50 erect image finder is standard.


Product # MIA1018

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Optical System: Fluorite Apochromat 141mm, 5 element, 5-groups, F/4.4 Multi-coated F625mm
Body Construction: Duraluminum [Marine grade], Nitrogen Filled/45° angle of view,
Prisms: Multicoated
Standard Ocular: 25x -- 2.6° [Erfle]
Dimensions 20" x 11" x 7"
Finder 7x50 Erect Image 2.5°
Weight Binos: 12.0kg [26.4lbs]
Tripod: 10.3kg [22.6lbs]
Fork: 1.8kg [4lbs]
Case [optional] Waterproof/Airtight

Oculars for the BR-141

Magnification Eye Relief
Field of View
Apparent Actual
25x 25mm 66° 2.6°
33x 19mm 66° 2.0°
45x 14mm 66° 1.5°